Thank You From Free WoW Time Card

Thanks for stopping by Free Wow Time Card! We’ve just undergone a massive site update, and switched our primary servers. Our policies have also changed for the better as of June, 2011! We are proud to announce winning Player’s Choice 2011 for MMORPG Related Services, and  we hope all of our recent hard work shows you how grateful we are! We want to take this time to thank our thousands of users world-wide. Without them, we wouldn’t have possibly been around so long!

What is Free WoW Time Card?

We are a group of WoW players who have found an awesome way to help out our peers by offering WoW timecards for surveys! That’s right, we hook you up with free surveys you can complete for our sponsors and in return we can give you free stuff. Our sponsors pay us, and we pass it on to you. There are three steps to getting your loot, and you can get pretty much anything on our reward page in less than 30 minutes to an hour.

free wow time cardfree wow time card

  • 3 – 5 Free Surveys earns you a Free WoW Time Card.
  • 6 – 10 Free Surveys earns you an Expansion Pack like Cataclysm.
  • 25 – 50 Free Surveys earns you an Alienware gaming laptop!

“Is Free Wow Time Card A Scam or Trying to Hack My Account?”

(Read : “Can Free WoW Time Card Be Real?”)

Yep. wE iZ tEh elitest hAX0rs aRound aNd wE’ze inNit tAh shaRd yEr ePix.

In all seriousness, Free Wow Time Card has servers only in the U.S. and we adhere to all laws and policies therein. We get paid, and we hook you up. We aren’t in the business of stealing stuff and will never ask you for your WoW info or anything like that. All of our sponsors are reputable, and our reputation speaks for itself. Just ask the folks over at PC Gamer. We pay up on time, and our support is top notch. Free WoW Time Card is THE site to get your game time.

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